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Close-up view of a professional cleaning a sofa

Preferred Upholstery Cleaning Partner In Newry & Beyond

Upholstery is a significant investment, adding comfort and style to your home. But keeping it clean and fresh can be challenging between everyday use, spills, and pet accidents. That's where Peter Loy Deep Clean comes in. We're your local experts for professional upholstery cleaning services in Newry and surrounding areas.

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We Are Specialists

Friendly Service

Quality Workmanship

Regular Care Keeps Your Furniture Fresh

The key to maintaining beautiful upholstery lies in consistent care:

  • Weekly Vacuuming: Regular vacuuming removes dust and debris, preventing them from causing long-term wear.

  • Cushion Rotation: Rotate your cushions and pillows to prevent them from flattening and ensure even wear.

Upholstery cleaning in process

Dealing With Spills & Stains Like A Pro

Accidents happen, but they don't have to ruin your furniture. Here's how to tackle spills effectively:

  • Act Quickly: Blot up spills immediately with a clean, absorbent cloth. Avoid rubbing, as this can spread the stain.

  • Test Cleaning Solutions: Always test any cleaning solution on an inconspicuous area first to ensure it doesn't cause discolouration.

Deep Cleaning For A Renewed Look

Upholstery needs a deep clean to remove stubborn dirt, dust, and allergens even with regular care. That's where Peter Loy Deep Clean comes in.

Our experienced technicians utilise specialised equipment and cleaning solutions to safely and effectively remove deep-seated dirt and stains.

Rear view of a professional vacuum cleaning a sofa
A brown sofa being cleaned

Invest Your Comfort

Professional upholstery cleaning is an investment in your furniture's longevity and your home's comfort. By taking care of your furniture, you can enjoy it for years.

“I cannot praise Peter Loy and son Stephen enough. Got my large corner suite cleaned, pale grey, and a fantastic job was done. Practically came up like new after my son's dog stayed for a while! Magnificent job, super priced, excellent professional job done to a very high standard. Highly recommended. #EXTREMELY SATISFIED CUSTOMER. I CERTAINLY WILL BE USING THIS SERVICE AGAIN. THANK YOU TO PETER LOY N SONS.”

Stains & Odours? We Can Help!

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